KENDALL JENNER: Doesn’t Know Meaning of “Frugal”

Written by on April 13, 2022

Streaming tomorrow on Hulu is the family’s new reality series, The Kardashians. Early reviews are mixed. The family hasn’t re-invented the wheel. The Kardashians is much like the E! series only this time the sisters are starting on top as members of the 1-percenters.

The sisters and Kris Jenner spent most of this month and last promoting the show. Kim Kardashian revealed yesterday how she gave Kanye West the silent treatment for 8-months. Never spoke for most of last year once Kim filed for divorce. (Billboard

Meanwhile, an interview with Access Hollywood exposed Kendall Jenner’s lack of vocabulary. She home-schooled and never learned four-syllable SAT words because she never intended to go to college. By sophomore year of high school, Kendall was earning millions as a model.

Access Hollywood asked which of the sisters is the most frugal. They agreed it was Kendall. However, she needed to ask the meaning of the word. The only sister to formally graduate from college, Kourtney Kardashian, explained (quote) “You care about the cost, like money.”

Kendall responded (quote) “Oh yeah, I’m cheap!” (Newsweek)

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