Travis Scott Facing Mounting Legal Issues After Being Hit With Seven Additional Lawsuits

Written by on November 9, 2021

Many are still grappling with the unspeakable tragedy that occurred at Travis Scott’s Astorworld music festival that left eight people dead, Travis is in the middle of serious legal trouble that is set to only get worse. According to new court documents, Travis Scott has been hit with seven additional lawsuits from the family members of those who passed away and from those who were injured at his Astroworld festival.

@EntertainmentTonight reports, following two previous lawsuits against him regarding the fatalities that happened at his Astorworld fest, Travis Scott is now facing seven more lawsuits that have been filed within the last 24 hours—and according to those close to the situation, more lawsuits against him are expected in the coming days. Houston law firm Roberts Markland LLP filed the seven recent lawsuits that reportedly allege that Travis Scott and concert promoter Live Nation both failed to provide adequate security and a security plan to protect all those in attendance at Astroworld. Additionally, while Sean Roberts is listed as representing some of those in the lawsuits, famed attorney Benjamin Crump, who previously represented the family of the late George Floyd, is also acting as a legal representative for some who have filed lawsuits as well.

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