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Kate Beckinsale knows the appealing parts of Pete Davidson. They dated several months shortly after his breakup with fiancee Ariana Grande. Pete said Kate left him because “it just wasn’t the right time. I was going into another rehab.” This week, Kate “liked” an Instagram meme that complimented Pete. The post suggested that it’s hardly a mystery why gorgeous celebrities date Pete […]

Chris Evans is People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” Page Six reports. He was supposed to grace the iconic cover last year, but insiders say the publication decided to delay it a year after he accidentally posted a pic of his junk online. The former Captain America will reportedly hit the cover of People next week. Last year, Michael B. Jordan was the sexiest.

Will Smith shared shocking details about his thoughts of killing his father. Will Smith’s upcoming memoir, Will, is set to drop on November 9th, and according to a newly released excerpt from the book, the project is definitely a tell-all. Shocking some of his fans and impressing others with his ability to be so honest […]

Medical leave for Wendy Williams will extend at least three more weeks. Producers revealed Wednesday the hiring of four more guest hosts, Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, Bill Bellamy and Michael Rapaport. Many raised their eyebrows to see only men as fill-ins. A source informed Radar Online (quote) “She’s pissed at producers for scheduling replacement hosts without her input. No one asked Wendy for her […]

Kim Kardashian is so infatuated with Pete Davidson that she left Manhattan for a dinner date on Staten Island. He got a private rooftop reservation Tuesday night at his favorite pasta and pizza pad. (New York Post) A source told E! News, which knows all the inside Kardashian details (quote) “Kim thinks Pete’s hilarious. He’s quite the charmer and she totally understands […]

The rapper has shared another of her major accomplishments- owning a house in New York City where she lived and grew up and where most of her family still resides. On Tuesday, Cardi B showed off the luxurious pad, including outside grounds and the guest house. It’s the second home the couple purchased in the […]

AppleTV+ and Mariah Carey have partnered for another holiday special. Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues will feature a debut performance of the still unreleased holiday single, “Fall in Love at Christmas.” Khalid and gospel singer Kirk Franklin will join Mariah for next month’s special on AppleTV+. (Billboard)

Ice Cube exits ‘Oh Hell No’ Movie Over Vaccine. He has decided that he will not be a part of the movie and be forced to be vaccinated. On Friday, the news of his departure spread widely that producers had requested that he be vaccinated, but he declined the request, which means he’s foregoing the […]

The world’s wealthiest person offered to donate $6 billion to end world hunger. Elon Musk made the proposal with one precondition: That the United Nations World Food Programme prove $6 billion was enough money. The director of the World Food Programme claimed that $6 billion would save 42 million starving people, “who are literally going to die if we […]

Kobe Bryant continues to provide for his family nearly two years after his untimely death. An investment Kobe made seven years ago paid huge dividends worth at least $400 million. BodyArmor sports drink released a special announcement Monday morning at 8:24 (Kobe wore both 8 and 24 jersey numbers in the NBA). BodyArmor sold to Coca-Cola, making Kobe’s […]

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