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05 January 2015

Stuart Scott Dies At The Age of 49

My childhood sports days were spent with my grand dad eating chicken and watching which ever game seemingly HOT at the time. These moments became some of my most cherished memories. It was then that I became familiar with the types of sports and their guidelines, players, teams, and the nicely dressed men that spoke well. Really they were just the commentators but I’ve always had a way of spinning things. With the voices of Bob Costas, James Brown and the late Stuart Scott, I was always drawn into the hype of it all. I can recall Stuart’s Spoken Word segment on Michael Jordan recapping pivotal moments and deeming him the BEST EVER, his play by play detail of Vince Carter’s jaw dropping 360 degree dunk, but most of all his emotional speech at the 2014 ESPY’S while recieving the Jimmy V Perserverance Award. He spoke of being inspired never to give up and having his daughters as a constant reminder of his motivation. Thousands will remember him not only as a public figure but as an illustration of what it is to journey on inspite of.  {R.I.P. Stuart 1965-2015}

"Photo Courtesy of hiphopdx."

“Photo Courtesy of hiphopdx.”