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01 February 2015

Game Day

Today is the day of mass gathering, plenty drinking, and heavy eating. It’s the day for trash talk and cruel calls. Its a day of reckoning! For me, I just tend to watch the game for the commercials, half time, and men in tights! Not to mention chicken wings! I’m not an avid sports fan or a frequent spectator but I can follow the game and I do love the hype. Bahamians can get real emotional about a league that is not our own. Such an observation had me wondering on the real reason for such a large audience for a single game.

Generally Bahamian men are football fans. A team is adopted, their journey is followed, and a defense is geared up if needed amongst the watering pools. So if you were to strike up a conversation with such a man they’d be able to engage with great enthusiasm. Ranting from the superb season of Tom Brady, to the transition of being a 12th round draft pick and now a creditable quarterback for Russell Wilson. He’d then probably talk about the Patriots crazy offensive line. His buddy would probably interrupt by now hailing all good things about the Seahawks. Who would happen to be the defending champs of the 2014 game, an instance that hasn’t happened since 2004. The year that Janet’s boob popped out mid performance. Which despite wardrobe malfunction that show was still epic. However, I doubt bar mate #2 would have even remembered that. What he would probably know and make it a point to inform bar mate #1 is that, the Seahawks defense is brutal and determined. To prove that point he’d want to challenge his mate in a friendly wager. Which would bring me another group of Super Bowl fans. (The Money Lovers)

Can’t nothing get in the way of me and mine! The attitude to which so many Bahamians project. But in this case money is the prize! The only reason to sit and watch the game, the only reason to join the previous bar mates, and the only reason to simply care. Personally I do not bet but I can tell you these folks are just as serious as the passionate ones.

Now there leaves room for one more, and this is the group to which I belong. As I said before there are only a few reasons why I watch Super Bowl and this year I’m as stoked as when BeyoncĂ© performed with Destiny’s Child in 2013. And it is only because of Katy Perry who promises a performance that will have your jaw dropping and face melting with a few costume changes. Throw in a few classic commercials and a snack and I’ll wrap up the evening with a bang. Not to mention cute guys in tights.