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08 January 2015

Blue Ivy Has An Ice Sculpture For Third BDay

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The most lavish birthday Party I had was at the tender age of five. It was at the Botanical Gardens and there was a bouncing castle, meatballs, and more running space than we may have needed. I can still remember being sang to by my family and friends. Which says a lot because not only was that a long time ago but my memory sucks.

Since then there were dinners and gatherings, but that’s it. So to have an ice sculpture for the third birthday, Blue Ivy is living the life and you would expect nothing less considering who her parents are. The prop outlined the number three, a snow flake, and read “Happy Birthday Blue”. There’s no telling that the event was themed and suited to mimic Disney’s Frozen. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Idina Menzel appeared all dressed up singing 2014’s anthem “Let It Go”! I mean who wouldn’t shower their child if that kind of money and resources was readily available. I say sky’s the limit and I love watching her grow up. At least the bit that were able to see.

All in all I’m sure that it was a beautiful day.