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Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. T.I.: The rapper takes his teenage daughter to the gynecologist to check if her hymen is “still intact.” Walmart Black Friday 2019: The retailer isn’t waiting for Thanksgiving. Its deals are now live. Target Black Friday deals 2019: It has also revealed its deals. Tulsi Gabbard: The presidential candidate […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Little Mermaid Live!: Turns out the show that aired Tuesday night wasn’t all live. Kristen Stewart: She talked about “first love” Robert Pattinson during a visit to the The Howard Stern Show. Mexico: More details are coming in about the nine Mormon family members killed there by members of drug cartels. Clemson: […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Miami Heat: They’re not only 5-and-1, but they have the top net rating in the NBA at 10.3, ahead of the Lakers, who have a 9.5. Alexandra Grant: Keanu Reeves is now dating his long-time friend and business partner. Adam Vinatieri: The Indianapolis Colts are facing a difficult decision about what […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Ravens: Baltimore upset the New England Patriots, 37-20. Browns: The NFL ordered Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry to change out of their custom cleats at halftime of Sunday’s game or face ejection. Negan: The old villain was back on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. Miami Dolphins: They won their first game of […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Halloween: In Hong Kong, the holiday was marked with a mix of party-goers, protesters and police. Hocus Pocus: Some are calling it the best Halloween movie of all time. Kittle: San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle is getting props for his play Thursday night. #NoNutNovember: The hashtag is urging abstinence […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. #WorldSeries: Fans are tweeting about the Washington Nationals’ first World Championship, after they defeated the Houston Astros, 6-2, in Game 7. Bryce Harper: Twitter users are mocking the former Nationals star who left the team as a free agent to sign a big contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. Jeffrey […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Sixers: Philadelphia’s NBA franchise has started the season with a 3-0 record. Iggy Azalea: The rapper is firing back at T.I.‘s criticism of her by saying, “Please stop lying.” National Cat Day: Feline fans celebrated their pets on Tuesday. Apryl Jones: The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star got down and dirty […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. AirPods Pro: The latest version of Apple’s wireless ear buds include a noise-cancelling feature. Dolphins: Twitter is going off on Miami after the Pittsburgh Steelers scored 27 straight points to beat them 27-14 on Monday Night Football. Ja Morant: The Memphis Grizzlies star scored 30 points and slammed dunked […]

It has been announced that the Tyler Perry Atlanta Studio is now home to a big event that will take place on November 20th. The studio will serve as the location for the Next Democratic Debate. Governor nominee Stacey Abrams tweeted that @TPstudios is a model for Georgia’s vibrant film industry and an exceptional location […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Patriots: New England beat the Cleveland Browns 27-13 to improve to 8-0 on the season. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: That’s the name of the ISIS leader killed by U.S. forces over the weekend. Packers vs. Chiefs: Green Bay beat Kansas City, who was without quarterback Patrick Mahomes, 31-24. Tiger Woods: He […]

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