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Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Nick Cordero: The Broadway and TV actor died Sunday after a three-month battle with coronavirus, in which he lost his leg. He was 41. Summer Taylor: That’s the name of the protester who died Saturday night after being struck by a car in Seattle. She was 24. Christopher Columbus: […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Ed Henry: The veteran FOX News Washington correspondent was fired on Wednesday after he was accused of sexual misconduct. Bobby Bonilla: He was paid $1.19 million by the New York Mets on Wednesday and will continue to receive that sum every July 1st until 2035. Gavin Newsom: The California […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Carl Reiner: The comedy legend died Monday night at his Beverly Hills home. He was 98. Taco Bell: They offered free Chalupa Cravings Boxes through their app, but users had tech issues. Vanessa Guillen: Human remains have been found in Texas in the search for the missing soldier, but […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Cam Newton: The New England Patriots signed the former Carolina Panthers quarterback to a one-year deal. Donald Trump: The president is once again taking heat for his tweets. Mississippi flag: State lawmakers voted to replace the flag that includes the Confederate logo. The Villages Florida: That’s the retirement community […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Splash Mountain: Disney will redesign the popular ride after critics called its Song of the South theme racist. The Dixie Chicks: The country group has changed its name to The Chicks. Jenna Marbles: YouTube star has left the platform after apologizing for old videos that included her imitating Nicki Minaj in blackface. Emma Roberts: The actress is expecting […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Joel Schumacher: The director of Lost Boys and two Batman movies has died at 80. Michael Keaton: The actor is in talks to return as Batman in the upcoming Flash movie. Guy Fieri: Petitioners want Columbus, Ohio to be renamed Flavortown for the native celebrity chef. Ken Griffey Junior: The baseball legend has revealed why he […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Justin Bieber: Two women have accused the star of sexual assault. He denies it. Tom Petty: His family is demanding that President Trump stop using his music for a “Campaign of Hate.” Minneapolis: One person has died and 11 others have been injured in a shooting in the city. Theodore Roosevelt: A statue of […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Aunt Jemima: Quaker Oats announced that it’s going to change the name of the 131-year-old brand due to its “racial stereotype.” Danny Masterson: The one-time That ’70s Show star was charged with raping three women. Premier League: Players from Aston Villa and Sheffield United took a knee against racism at the […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Dexamethasone: According to British clinical trials, the steroid reduced deaths from coronavirus. Tupac: The hip-hop legend would have been 49 on Tuesday. Madison Beer: The singer/TikTok star is taking heat for “romanticizing” the novel Lolita. Shake Shack: A lower Manhattan location didn’t intentionally poison police officers. Ford Bronco: The new […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Sushant Singh Rajput: The Bollywood star was found dead at his home in Mumbai on Sunday. He was 34. Obama: Twitter users celebrated him with “All Birthdays Matter” on Trump‘s birthday. Hank Williams Jr.: His daughter, Katherine Williams-Dunning, was killed in a car crash. She was 27. Sammy Sosa: The former […]

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