Say What Nah?

On top of the women who have previously accused the actor of sexual misconduct, 7 more have come out claiming the same thing! This latest claim against the 51-year-old movie star now brings the number of his accusers to 22 and the allegation is one of a slew against Gooding, dating back to 2003, and […]

According to Hollywood Unlocked; There are new charges that R. Kelly may be facing as he sits in a Chicago Jail. Sources say that Kelly could be facing charges in connection to his marriage to the late singer Aaliyah. In 1994, Kelly who was 27 at the time legally married a then 15-year-old Aaliyah. According […]

Looks like Walmart’s Great Value brand is trying to help you to turn water into wine as Jesus did with their new water enhancer. Walmart is giving those who don’t drink alcohol a chance to see what a good bottle of Rosé tastes like. They now have a great value brand Rose’ wine water enhancer. Just […]

If you didn’t know, Akon has been dominating things when it comes to business ventures. Not only has he brought electricity to 600 million people in Africa, but he’s also dedicated his life to helping people in Africa. Akon’s most recent venture that he started back in March, is to finish his City. Talk About […]

In seven months women won’t have to worry about an unexpected trip of nine months according to researchers. That’s right! Women will be safe to say I’m not on the shot, are you? Within the next seven months, male birth control injections will become available. According to CNN, the injections have reportedly passed clinical trials. […]

Rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Akon, said he would consider running for President in 2024. Not only did he say he considers it for himself but also encouraged the idea of a Kanye West presidential run as well. Akon said Akon said “I know what the issues are as a person, as an immigrant, as […]

November 13, 2019

Finally the explanation of what really happened in a Florida Walmart when Miami rapper Trina got into a verbal confrontation with a customer! Trina said as she was walking through an aisle of the store she noticed a woman that seemed to be crying. Though fans have dubbed Trina as “The Baddest B,” she shows […]

Summer Walker the R&B singer and Atlanta native, announced several upcoming concert cancellations on her First and Last Tour, explaining on Instagram that her social anxiety has become too overwhelming for her to push through according to Urban Islandz. In the video, Summer sent love to her fans and asked for their support so that […]

A Florida Walmart got a front and center display of Miami rapper Trina aka “The baddest B,” after a customer decided to call her a “n***** b*****.” The scene of Trina going off on the customer was caught on camera. The Miami rapper can be seen in the video screaming at the customer “say it […]

November 5, 2019

The return of Popeyes chicken sandwich is back, and everyone wants to get their hands on it. It’s simply delicious, but is it really to die for? According to FOX 5 DC, a fight broke out at Popeyes in Prince George County Maryland, leaving a man in the parking lot suffering from stab wounds. Authorities […]

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