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Kanye West is back…in L.A., that is. The rapper and former presidential candidate has finally left his Wyoming ranch and returned home. He was spotted for the first time since news of his impending divorce from Kim Kardashian broke. Photographers snapped pics of him arriving Sunday by private jet at Van Nuys Airport. A source tells Entertainment Tonight, “Kim and Kanye are still heading […]

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian ended their marriage counseling as they gear up for a bitter divorce and child custody battle. It appears as though things are truly over for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as divorce is almost certain. In the wake of break-up reports, neither party has responded to the rumors that they […]

Kim Kardashian will eventually divorce Kanye West. That’s the vibe from a People magazine article that quotes a family friend. (quote) “Kim and Kanye’s marriage is beyond repair. Kim is over Kanye’s chaos. At this point, she just wants to focus on the kids and her own life.” Kanye’s chaos is exhausting on the family. Kim wants to leave him […]

Mary J. Blige at the BET Awards 2019 (Photo credit: Bang Media) Mary J. Blige split from her ex-husband three years ago, but that has not made going solo during the holidays any easier. Blige appeared on Taraji P. Henson’s Facebook Watch series “Place of Peace” on Thursday, Dec. 24, and admitted that although the […]

Kim Kardashian is separated from Kanye West. Though, for the time being, they have no plans to divorce. An unnamed source told People magazine, (quote) “They very much live separate lives.” Their reps refused to comment. Kanye caused friction in the summer while running for president. Kim felt betrayed when he told a rally crowd how she contemplated an abortion. […]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage hit a rough patch as he campaigned for president and “they’re still having difficulties.” From what insiders are saying, Kim has seriously considered divorce and that’s still on the table. A family source told Entertainment Tonight that Kanye’s mental state has been precarious. Meanwhile, Kim is exhausted honoring their wedding vows. They added, […]

Rob Kardashian received the worst recommendation by an ex-girlfriend. He dated Rita Ora for six months, but she said, (quote) “I forgot about that.” When reminded that the pair dated in 2012 for six months, Rita fumbled to recall further details. All she could say, (quote) “I was so young It was fun. It was very, very fun […]

What are the signs of an unhappy relationship and what should you do about it? When you just start dating or when you’re just at the beginning of a new relationship, everything seems idyllic and almost perfect. You’re naturally inclined to make an effort, you respect each other’s differences, you enjoy romantic date nights and […]

The east coast from New York City to Miami is talking about Selena Gomez‘s romance with NBA player Jimmy Butler. It’s not just a rumor. Butler invited Selena to a few dinner dates in Manhattan. A source confirmed to E! News that the pair has hung out together a few times. (quote) “Selena thinks he’s a great guy. They had […]

The Sexiest Man Alive told People magazine that he’s “single.” However, for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Michael B. Jordan traveled from Los Angeles to Atlanta with Lori Harvey. She brought Jordan home to meet the family, including her step-father, TV and radio host Steve Harvey. TMZ published photos of the couple deplaning from the Delta flight. They received preferential treatment. The pair exited […]

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