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Exciting news, Dj Khaled and his wife Nicole Tuck are celebrating another one. Khaled took to Instagram early this morning to announce the big news of Baby number 2. He wrote under a picture of himself celebrating the arrival, “THANK YOU ALLAH ! THANK YOU MY QUEEN NICOLE ! BLESS UP DR JIN ! ANOTHER […]

Rihanna and her billionaire boyfriend found love three years ago — and lost it this past week when they confirmed their romance is over. RiRi started dating Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel back in 2017, and the pair was seen canoodling all around the world. Late last year, the superstar told Interview magazine “of course” she was in love with Jameel, but when […]

People have predicted that the next celebrity split will be Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. They’re nominated for a Grammy in the Best Pop Duo category. Meaning, in less than a week, we ought to see if Shawn and Camila are still together on the red carpet — or if the gossip is true. The prediction is based on a […]

The attorneys for R.Kelly filed documents with the judge, complaining on the singer’s behalf, that he’s not getting enough conjugal visits. R.Kelly is down to only one girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, and she’s unable to satisfy his libido, right now. She was arrested last week for brawling with another of his former girlfriends, Azriel Clary. For our pleasure, she streamed the fight for […]

All is not forgiven between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Their three-hour dinner last weekend had followers believing that Justin’s public apology smoothed troubled waters. Wrong. Jessica’s still peeved at him for flirting in public with a co-star. She’s not letting him off easy. One of her friends said, (quote) “Justin has been making big promises but not sticking to […]

Gigi Hadid has taken back Zayn Malik. Saturday night in New York City, her family gathered for a double birthday celebration. Zayn turned 27 and their mother Yolanda Hadid blew out 56 birthday candles. The family tipped the paparazzi, who photographed them walking the city streets. Gigi brought Zayn. Little brother Anwar invited singer Dua Lipa to the party. Bella Hadid is unattached and brought […]

Viewers of the Golden Globes caught the best glimpse yet of Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Last night was the first time they’ve sat side-by-side during a televised awards show. They chose to walk separately on the red carpet. Though they took their seats together, near the front of the stage at a table in the center of The Beverly Hilton Hotel […]

In late December, Kendall Jenner seemed to reunite with NBA player Ben Simmons. They split seven months earlier and she thoroughly enjoyed the summer with her girlfriends. But Kendall’s emotions changed as cuffing season arrived. A family friend told E! News, (quote) “Kendall has spent a lot of time with Ben over the last few weeks in Philadelphia. She’s been flying […]

The Kevin Hart special on Netflix, Don’t [Eff] This Up, features a heartbreaking admission by his wife. When she was eight months pregnant, Eniko Parrish received a video by DM that showed him cheating on her. In the third episode of the series, Eniko said (quote) “I opened my phone and immediately I just lost it.” Her immediate reaction was to […]

Miley Cyrus got exactly what she wanted for Christmas — a signed, sealed and delivered divorce document. The pop star, who split from hubby Liam Hemsworth several months ago, is “relieved” that they’ve reached a settlement and will seal the deal in March, according to a friend who’s been snitching to People magazine. The source says “she just wants to […]

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