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Bella Thorne slammed Whoopi Goldberg after the View co-host criticized the 21-year-old for having nude photos on her phone. Bella recently posted the racy pics on her social media accounts in an effort to “take the power back” from a hacker, who threatened to leak them. But Whoopi had no sympathy for the young actress. On the View today, the 63-year-old said, “I don’t […]

Kendall Jenner made the switch from Pepsi to Coca-Cola. In a color-coordinated campaign, Kendall slipped into a skin-tight orange dress and $1,000 stilettos to visit a corner bodega in New York City’s SoHo district. She walked out of the store carrying a can of Coke’s newest flavor — orange vanilla. Kendall strategically held the Coke can in one hand so […]

Since splitting from her husband, Adele has lost 15 pounds. She credits Pilates in changing her attitude and transforming her figure.  #Revenge Body (The Mirror, UK)

Selena Gomez made an enemy with the “Head of Instagram” by deleting the app from her phone. The third most popular person on Instagram said the social media platform negatively impacts her mental health. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri responded in an interview with the BBC in England (quote) “Selena Gomez’s experience with over 100 million followers is different from most Instagram […]

Chris Brown says he didn’t do it — he was hacked. Breezy denies posting creepy comments on a picture of his ex, Karrueche, and her current man, Victor Cruz. The original comments threw shade at Cruz for his lack of style, with what looked like Chris’s account offering to help him out. But Breezy says he didn’t make those […]

Prince Harry won Father’s Day with his Instagram post. The adorable photo shows for the first time Archie Harrison’s face. His tiny hands grasp Harry’s ring finger. The post has more than 2 million likes. But not enough for Meghan Markle. She convinced Harry that they need a so-called social media expert. Their new employee is tasked with making Meghan […]

O.J. Simpson joined Twitter. Of all days, he chose to join Twitter on the 25th anniversary of the double-murder which he was acquitted — but the world believes he’s 100 percent guilty. He threatened in one of his first tweets that he had “a little gettin’ even to do.” His new Twitter account will allow him […]

Cassie’s family is growing by one.   The 32-year-old singer and boyfriend Alex Fine are expecting a child.  She posted a picture a picture of the two of them in the front seat of a car with the caption, “Can’t wait to meet our baby girl. Love you always and forever.” He posted a “Letter to Cassie” on […]

The Daily Mail has a bombshell report that Mariah Carey started seeing her current boyfriend while she was still engaged to billionaire James Packer. A spokesperson for Mariah did not directly deny theBritish tabloid’s allegation. The flack only said (quote) “As stated numerous times in the past, Mariah is not polyamorous.” Mariah and dancer Bryan Tanaka allegedly sexted behind Packer’s back. She posed for […]

Cardi B tweeted that she’s visited her plastic surgeon for the last time (quote) “I been working out for the past 2 weeks cause bitch I ain’t getting surgery again.”

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