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UPDATE (12:40 a.m. ET): If you scoffed at Sean Spicer’s inclusion on the show, you weren’t alone. Host Tom Bergeron wasn’t happy about it either as he explained in a tweet today. He says he asked producers to keep politics out of the show so that this season could be “a joyful respite from our exhaustive political […]

Taylor Swift says she will re-record the albums she made for Big Machine in response to Scooter Braun‘s purchase of the label.. In an interview for CBS Sunday Morning, Tracy Smith asks Taylor if she plans to re-record her catalogue and she replies, “Yeah, absolutely.” In the piece, she maintains that she was unaware of the deal until it was done. Big Machine founder Scott […]

Jamie Foxx took to Instagram Live to defend his relationship with Sela Vave. He called it a double-standard that “scandal chasers” believe he’s hooking up with her. Sela Vave is a singer and model, who graduated from high school in 2018. Last weekend, paparazzi photographed her going home with Foxx. Sela Vave lives there! He denied there’s a romance. (quote) […]

Cardi has beef with the NYPD over how they handled her bestie’s back-to-school event.  Star Brim was planning to do it big for the kids later this month by providing free back-to-school gear. According to Cardi, the NYPD nixed Star’s charity event by calling the school principal and talking them out of hosting it.  That’s when Cardi swooped in […]

Taylor Swift deleted the lyric “Hey kids, spelling is fun!” As of Wednesday, it does not appear on the Apple Music version of “ME!” (Billboard)

Billie Eilish thinks that that people complimenting her fashion choices of baggy clothes are really criticizing the way women dress. In an interview she did with Pharrell Williams for V magazine, Eilish said, “The positive comments about how I dress have this slut-shaming element. Like, ‘I am so glad that you’re dressing like a boy, so other girls can dress […]

Logic told the world that he’s about to be a father in a freestyle. In “No Pressure Freestyle,” he raps, “And I’m havin’ a little baby. Surprise, it’s a little baby boy. [Eff] TMZ, they can’t get the scoop on that [stuff]… Welcome, little Bobby to the world one time.” His girlfriend Brittney Noell is the mother. 

Demi Lovato got a special birthday present from Will Ferrell. He announced she’s been cast in his Netflix movie called Eurovision. Ferrell made a video for Demi to post at Instagram. He presented her with a birthday cake while sharing news about her next gig. The clip ends with Demi blowing out her birthday candles. Demi joins Ferrell […]

Taylor Swift collaborated with fashion designer Stella McCartney on the Lover merch. The collection features the pastel theme of the Lover music videos plus Taylor’s new cat, Benjamin Button. Stella told British Vogue, (quote) “What I love is how we complement each other in what we generate creatively together.” On Tuesday, Taylor previewed her online store and announced a weekend pop-up shop in New York […]

August 21, 2019

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Spider-Man: The character has been pulled out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to a profit-sharing dispute. Ready or Not: The horror flick is getting mixed reviews. Matrix 4: The fourth film in the series is a go with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Lana Wachowski. Heidi Klum: She’s taking heat for posting […]

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