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When the warm weather hits and the humidity starts to work on our hair we instinctively go to our universal go to to look-The Ponytail. She’s our best hairstyle friend in the rain, after working out, when it gets too hot out to breathe and she’s always there for us even if just out of […]

Kanye West has filed divorce docs that seem to show he is on the same page as Kim Kardashian. He responded to Kim K’s divorce petition by asking for joint legal and physical custody of their four kids by asking for the same exact thing. This shows they both want to work out a shared custody arrangement […]

Khloé Kardashian stripped naked for an “unretouched and unfiltered” mirror selfie. She posted the video to Instagram to prove a point — “My body, my image.” Wednesday night’s post was in direct response to an “unauthorized” photo of Khloé leaked to social media. The picture showed Khloé in a cheetah print bikini by the pool. The New York Post reported that family members […]

The woman with the Guinness World Records longest fingernails cut them off after growing them for 28 years. Ayanna Williams broke the record three years ago. Each of her nails measured nearly two-feet long. She continued growing them until last weekend. Altogether, the 10 fingernails laid end-to-end stretched 24-feet. A Fort Worth, Texas dermatologist needed a power rotary tool to […]

Anything for her mini-me! Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B spent some of her reported $84.5M fortune by spoiling her daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus with designer accessories on Tuesday (pictured February 26) ‘Oooh I went crazy shopping!’ The Bronx-born 28-year-old showcased seven handbags and a bracelet she bought her two-year-old toddler during a shopping spree at Chanel and […]

At Duke’s Brain Tool Lab, neurosurgeons collaborate with engineers at the Pratt School of Engineering. They are developing the next generation of robotic laser technology.

According to AP News, the passing of the bill is reportedly an effort to decrease the burdens of pregnancy for women, while increasing the responsibility for men who are expecting children. While some may take a liking to the new law, there are some critics who have proposed the argument that the new law would […]

Kim Kardashian has officially joined Kanye West and Kylie Jenner in the exclusive billionaires club. Forbes magazine says Kim’s net worth has officially topped $1 billion, primarily from the success of her KKW cosmetics and beauty line, and her Skims shapewear brand. The rest of her wealth comes from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which nets her about $10 million per season, real […]

Jeff Bezos is once again the world’s richest person, according to Forbes.  Bezos is worth $177 billion, up $64 billion in just one year. But the list’s biggest gainer is Elon Musk, whose fortune rose $126 billion to a total of $151 billion, landing him at number-two. French tycoon Bernard Arnault is number-three, Bill Gates is number-four, and Mark Zuckerberg rounds out the Top 5. […]

Khloé Kardashian has learned why you can never put the toothpaste back into the tube. An “unauthorized” photo is circulating on social media of Khloé in a cheetah print bikini. She looks natural, as in “no makeup, no photoshop, no filter.” Her PR team made efforts for IG accounts to delete the re-posted image. They’ve reportedly threatened legal […]

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