Legal Drama

Next week, Lori Loughlin is due back in court for a hearing about her role in the college admissions scandal. She pleaded not guilty in April but has recently had a change of heart. Lori told her lawyers she’s prepared to negotiate with federal prosecutors. She could change her plea to guilty if they’d allow her to avoid prison […]

The verdict in A$AP Rocky’s Swedish assault trial was handed down (Wednesday), and it’s a mixed bag for the Harlem rapper. The bad news for Rocky is the four-judge panel deemed him guilty, ruling that he and his two friends “were not in a situation where they were entitled to self-defence.” The good news is, he […]

A DJ is claiming that a beat he created nearly 20 years ago has been sampled multiple times by a number of rappers. And now he wants his money. Kirk Edwards, who goes by the name DJ JMK, filed a lawsuit against Cardi B, French Montana, Yo Gotti and Master P, who he claims lifted a beat he produced for Choppa‘s 2002 single […]

Katy Perry‘s hit single “Dark Horse” has turned into one very expensive tune. On Thursday, a jury ruled that she and her label must pay a Christian rapper $2.78 million after it decided she copied a portion of his “Joyful Noise” in her hit song. Marcus Gray, known by the stage name Flame, and his two […]

Tuesday morning in Sweden, A$AP Rocky appears in a courtroom on charges of assault and causing bodily harm. [UPDATE] He and his lawyers entered a plea of “not guilty.” They will argue that Rocky acted in self-defense. (CBS News) The criminal trial is expected to last three days. So, by the end of this week, Rocky could learn […]

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