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Watch “30 Sec with Crx” Nov 11th 2019 from HOT917FM

Watch 30 Seconds with Crx from HOT917FM

Kanye West revealed on Thursday plans to change his name and run for president. At an annual Innovation Festival, Kanye made a surprise appearance on a panel discussion with the head designer of Yeezy footwear. Kanye declared, (quote) “Yeezy is the Apple of apparel.” Kanye took offence when the crowd laughed at his political ambitions. (quote) “When […]

Check to the end of the Video Nikki shows a sample of Kyle Walkin’s Dance moves.. lmaooo

Every Weekday at 915 Crx gets 30 seconds to get anything off his chest..

Well wait what a time..

Kanye thinks a $68 million tax refund was a gift from God.  The born-again Christian rapper, who just dropped Jesus Is King, claims the lord is using him to “show off.” Yeezy takes it as a sign that last year, he made $115 million and ended up $35 million in debt. This year, he says he “looked […]

Fred Soon come to the defence of this off-road non-bahamian bike lol

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October 25, 2019

While attending the recent shale-energy conference this week in Pittsburgh, Trump said that an additional wall was going to be built in Colorado. Colorado which is clearly no where near Mexico Border. Looks like Trump still struggles with basic geography. Immediately after making the statement, Trump was trolled on Social media, which is starting to […]

There were a lot of football tackles made over the weekend but one stands out as the craziest. A high school player in California intercepted a pass but ran the wrong way toward his own team’s end zone. Luckily, his own teammate ran him down and tackled him at their own 11 yard-line before costing […]

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