SINCE we went into lockdown, we can count the number of times we’ve worn a bra on a single hand – after all, that’s got to be the one perk of being made to stay home all day. Right? Well it turns out, we’ve unintentionally been ahead of the new celebrity style trend all this […]

Earlier this week, Australian airline Qantas announced they were selling tickets for a 7-hour scenic “flight to nowhere.” Since going on sale, passes quickly sold out in just 10 minutes. In an attempt to offer travel-hungry passengers a trip amid the coronavirus travel restrictions, Qantas began offering the scenic, nonstop flight that departs from and […]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set the tone for their post-royal lives when they announced their multimillion-dollar production deal with Netflix. The Sussexes will be working with the streaming giant to produce documentaries, docuseries, feature films, scripted shows, and children’s programming. The deal, said to be worth as much as $240 million, has allowed the […]

CHRIS EVANS: Peen Pic Thanks to a not-safe-for-work photo, Captain America star Chris Evans trended all weekend on social media. He “accidentally” shared with 6 million followers a below-the-belt selfie. His younger brother, Scott Evans, sarcastically tweeted, (quote) “Was off social media for the day. So… What’d I miss?” That photo of Chris Evans has circulated for years in Hollywood. […]

He downloaded the App Tuned in now Jason is turning up

Kanye West is taking a step back from the Fashion Week runway — to deliver his next clothing line to The Gap. Yeezy signed a 10-year deal to bring a wide range of clothing to the chain, and unveiled a new logo to celebrate the partnership — a tweak of the classic Gap logo using the […]

Cardi B has come a long way — and so has her ink.  Bardi’s been giving us occasional peeks at her body art lately as she touches up a 10-year-old tat. She says she’s taken “hours of pain getting tatted” at the expert hand of artist Jamie Schene. After the “makeover,” her peacock piece looks brand new and bright, […]

We may get new music from Adele sooner than previously believed. Her makeup artist, Michael Ashton, offered a generic tease this week at Instagram, (quote) “Exciting news coming soon, get ready to get on board.” This mystery announcement could coincide with her 32rd birthday on Tuesday. Her manager promised the album is coming this year. Jonathan Dickins added, (quote) […]

Friday morning at 10 PT, Justin Bieber has a special announcement. That’s the tweet. Ariana Grande replied with a cryptic tweet, (quote) “See u there everybody.” Their mega manager, Scooter Braun, added to the Twitter thread by tagging his media company and a pair of eyes emoji (quote) “@SB_Projects @ArianaGrande @JustinBbieber” Taken together, it seems worth our while to monitor their […]

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