That means for the month of November Guys can’t allow zero of their little heroes to go swimming. Yup, that’s right it only applies to men. The Rules are simple but some men may find it a bit frustrating. Rules are; You cannot engage in sexual intercourse, choke the chicken or send the little soldiers […]

Cardi B, T.I and Chance the rapper has crowned the first winner of Rhythm and Flow that aired its season finale last night. D Smoke walked away with not only the crown, but he’s $250,000 richer and has the opportunity of performing live on Spotify’s Rap Caviar. Smoke said within the next three months he’ll […]

CLICK TO VIEW AND DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM EVENT DESCRIPTION:    Day 1; 12 noon – Steak/Cook Out; Bahamas Alliance for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  6 PM – Raffle drawing; grand prize – New car 8 PM – Mini concert featuring Soulful Groovers/ Motion Band/Sound Traxx Band Day 2: 7 AM – Blindfold Challenge Fun Run, […]

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