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The attorneys for R.Kelly filed documents with the judge, complaining on the singer’s behalf, that he’s not getting enough conjugal visits. R.Kelly is down to only one girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, and she’s unable to satisfy his libido, right now. She was arrested last week for brawling with another of his former girlfriends, Azriel Clary. For our pleasure, she streamed the fight for […]

COX Urban WEDR (99 JAMZ)/MIAMI morning co-star and local SOUTH FLORIDA Rapper TRICK DADDY (legally known as MAURICE SAMUEL YOUNG) was pulled over on SATURDAY (1/11) around 3:20a (ET) in MIAMI following reports that “a driver hitting signs and running red lights in a dark colored RANGE ROVER in the area of Southwest 128th Avenue […]

Donnie Wahlberg gave a server at an Illinois IHOP a nice start to 2020 with a big tip. The Blue Bloods star gave a $2,020 gratuity to his waitress on a $78.46 bill. His wife, Jenny McCarthy, posted a a photo of the receipt with the hashtag “2020TipChallenge.” This comes only a few days after a waitress got a $2,020 tip […]

Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama tied in Gallup’s poll of “most admired man” for the first time. Trump and Obama both received 18 percent of the vote in the poll, conducted between December 2nd and 15th, in which participants were asked which living men and women they most admire. A quarter of those polled didn’t pick […]

A$AP Rocky’s name is trending after the leak of an alleged sex tape. The Harlem rapper has yet to comment on the explicit clip, which features a man with A$AP chest and hand tattoos. Though the man in a video uploaded to PornHub has body art that seems to match the actual rapper’s ink, there hasn’t […]

Selena Gomez revealed that she sharted during an Ed Sheeran concert. Four summers ago, he played the Hollywood Bowl. Selena was excited to see Sheeran and ignored the uncomfortable feeling she had in her bowels. Rather than take care of business, Selena continued to dance and sing-along with Ed. Bad choice. Selena confessed in an interview on London’s KISS-FM, (quote) “I […]

The Chatham County Sheriff in Georgia arrested Thomas Callaway and charged him with sexual battery. He slapped the butt of a reporter while she gave a live update from the annual Savannah Bridge Run. Callaway posted a $1,300 bond Friday. TV reporter Alex Bozarjian is represented by attorney Gloria Allred, who said, (quote) “Alex is looking forward to justice in this case.” […]

Does Eminem Respond

An art collector paid $120,000 for artwork that was nothing but a banana duct taped to the wall. Following the purchase at a Miami art show, a so-called “performance artist” ripped the duct tape off the wall “in front of shocked onlookers” and ate the banana. Police questioned the vandal, David Datuna, before releasing him.  (TMZ)

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