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FLYING COACH POTATOMan Takes to the SkiesSOFA, TV, PARAGLIDER INCLUDED!!! A paragliding instructor in Turkey just took his business to new heights with a stunt that’s sure to attract daredevils and couch potatoes alike — ’cause he’s got a two-for-one special that appeals to both.

An Alaskan man was arrested after he stole a firetruck and drove 15 miles to a bar while leaving the emergency lights on. Dawson Cody Porter was arrested Saturday after he broke into the King Salmon Fire Station to steal a fire truck so he could drive to Fisherman’s Bar in Naknek. Police say Porter […]

Hackers are threatening to auction off information tied to some of the planet’s biggest celebrities. Earlier this year, a group called REvil managed to break into the servers of celebrity law firm Grubman, Shire, Meiselas and Sacks, and attempted to hold the data ransom for $42 million. The lawyers said no, and now the hackers […]

Post Malone‘sfound a new place to add more tattoos — on his head.  He’s recently shaven his head having nearly gone bald, and got a massive skull tattooed on his dome. The image goes from his ear to the top of his head. He now has tattoos on his neck, head and face with images that include swords, skulls, hammers, playing cards, barbed […]

Kendall Jenner has come under fire for an image of the model holding a fake Black Lives Matter sign. The photograph, which showed her wearing a face mask and standing in front of a black sports car while holding the sign above her head, began circulating last week. After people noticed that the photo wasn’t real, they suggested the 24-year-old […]

Dying to talk to Blac Chyna? The reality star is offering FaceTime conversations for just under a thousand bucks.  If you’ve got $950 burning a hole in your pocket, why not give it to Chyna in exchange for a brief video chat? You don’t even need to have the money upfront — you can pay in four […]

A New Mexico woman who was caught driving a stolen vehicle over the weekend told police she was Beyonce. 48-year-old Surena Henry was arrested early Saturday morning after an officer made a traffic stop. The officer who followed her said Henry refused to give him her real name and claimed she was Beyonce Knowles-Carter. A […]

Three people are killed after jumping into a pool full of dry ice. An Instagram influencer’s birthday party turned into tragedy after three people-including her husband-died after jumping into a pool full of dry ice in Moscow, Russia. Yekaterina Didenko was celebrating her 29th birthday party at an indoor pool complex. Reports say her guests […]

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