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15 January 2015

Recreational Use of Marijuana

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Rapper 2Chainz was invited on the Nancy Grace Show to advocate that the use of marijuana be legalize. Now you look at the contenders and your first reaction is probably (Huh?!). I know! Same for me. However this debate has shifted my outlook for 2Chainz. I now have a new found respect for him because of it.

First I must let you know, I DO NOT SMOKE! As a matter of fact I’m allergic. If I sense the aroma of any smoke product my throat begins to itch, my eyes start to water, and that can all get very annoying. So I can pretty much do without smoke generally. Going into it rather, I was neither pro or against the topic at hand. I wanted to hear both views and just simply witness what would’ve transpired.

Watching the footage you’ll see that Nancy is the same rambunctious host, she’s doing her job. Initially 2Chainz a.k.a. Tittle Boi, was a bit relaxed and answers his questions quit politely. However he learns that Nancy is a heavy hitter and really great at what she does. In return he doesn’t waver, he doesn’t stumble, he isn’t intimidated, but counters back with knowledge, sarcasm, and a smirk from time to time. Referring to her as darling and calling her out for interrupting him mid speech. This man reminded me so much of myself throughout this argument all I could do was blush as he mirrored my tactical skills.

Amongst their talk you’ll learn that Tittie Boi was given a sports scholarship for school and also maintained a 4.0 average. He also sold weed in high school but according to him it was to make a better life for his family.

Check out the video and let me know what you think. Share your views and comment below.