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09 January 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey – “Unusual Behavior”

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I read quit a bit and my topic of choice is mainly romance novels, especially those historical. I’ve recently gotten into self help books but that’s a topic for a different day. When I first came across James’ novel (Fifty Shades of Grey), I was more so interested because of its popularity. I didn’t find it on the selves of Walmart or Target and it would have not been in the section of Barnes and Noble that I frequent. (Places I Purchase Books) So I would have never come across the title or any other installment of the series. However, word of mouth was the avenue that sought me out. Due to its content I was advised that it wasn’t my style and I’d probably not get through the first few pages. So I opted to read it. Now, the books are being transformed into film and its highly anticipated. So much, that I had to visit YouTube and watch the trailer.

Now let me first say that Christian Grey is extremely handsome. He’d probably have been the image I would have pictured if I had read the book. They did a superb thing by hiring Irish actor Jamie Dordan. I think the casting director deserves a big fat raise.

Secondly, the trailer has a whole lot of raunchiness. The basis of it is a plain Jane meets the business mogul and heartthrob Mr. Grey to which they then form a peculiar bond; so to speak. One that is driven by control and conquer. I’m thinking if the trailer is this vivid, viewers will probably need to brace themselves for the entire content of this movie. This is no joke.

So now the rating was previously determined and they concluded that it would be an R rated film. Reason being is that it has “Unusual Behavior”. I agree that it is very much so unusual but people there’s levels to this thing! Elsa was a princess with “Unusual Behavior” and Frozen was rated ‘A’ in the Bahamas. That movie won Oscars and had chart topping songs. Not to say that this movie isn’t award worthy, there’s just different levels to the title.

Next this film was made by Focus Features. This company hails from the UK and has made many of my favorite movies. Flicks such as Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, Anna Karenina, Something New, and last years Golden Globe winner for Best Performance in a Motion Picture (Drama) and Best Supporting Performance in a Motion Picture (Drama); The Dallas Buyer’s Club.

Despite all of this my favorite thing about this film is probably no secret. Anyone that knows me is well aware that I am a BeyoncĂ© fan through thick and thin. Besides choosing an ideal Grey, the production party, marketing reps, sound and effects team, SOMEBODY got my girl to remix her break out hit “Crazy In Love”! If you remember the old version had more of a booty popping vibe to it. The newly revised version has a slow pace that is smooth and seductive, to match the material of the book of course. Either way stamp her name on it and I’m sold.

You should probably check it out for yourself and then let me know your take on it.