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Monday night, Prince Harry jetted 15 hours to Canada and started his new life with Meghan Markle away from his dreaded family. The British tabloids conveniently identified the plane as British Airways flight number, 85.  The paparazzi waited for him on the Vancouver tarmac. Harry carried his luggage off the plane and hid under a wool cap. Two bodyguards followed closely. […]

About 600 people will be selected to get into Miami’s Super Bowl stadium and earn money working on the halftime show. This year, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira perform with a rumored surprise appearance by Nicki Minaj (in keeping with the Latin America theme). Applicants at must be able to lift 50 pounds and turned 18 years old last week. (WFTX-TV, Fort Myers, Florida) Halsey recognized her 33-year-old […]

Zedd @Zedd Anyone else wishing the holiday break was a little longer? Bebe Rexha @BebeRexha Excited to be sharing this night with my extremely talented peers this year at the Grammys @RecordingAcad Charlize Theron @CharlizeAfrica Such an amazing night – thanks for having me #SAGAwards! And yes, getting that bracelet out of my hair was a disaster. Mindy Kaling @mindykaling Having just seen […]

Now buzzing on Google and Twitter. Virginia gun rally: Gun activists protested for their rights on Monday. Coronavirus: At least four people have died in China from the virus that can be transmitted by humans. Chandler Parsons: The Atlanta Hawks forward’s career is in jeopardy after a car accident. Tim Tebow: The former NFL quarterback […]

Nokio (Tamir Ruffin) – 40 years old Dru HillBorn 1980 Emma Bunton – 44 years old Spice Girls (“Baby Spice”)Born 1976 Ken Leung – 50 years old Actor (TV’s The Night Shift, Lost, Inhumans and The Blacklist; Star Wars: The Force Awakens, X-Men: The Last Stand, Saw, Rush Hour)Born 1970 Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell) The Run-DMC DJ and producer was shot to […]

You know that show The Masked Singer? Well Cardi B is quickly becoming “the masked rapper.” Bardi showed up to Paris Fashion Week with a see-through catsuit and a handcrafted black mask covered in opal-cut black glass, set in silver, with a gemstone-encrusted choker to match. It took 36 hours to complete Cardi’s one-of-a-kind mask, valued at $11,000.  […]

Beyonce’s been on a giving spree in recent days to promote Saturday’s release of her new Ivy Park apparel. The recipients of Queen Bey’s generosity? Stars like Reese Witherspoon, Janelle Monae and Missy Elliott. Those lucky enough to be on Beyonce’s list each got a custom selection of clothing to match their personal style. It’s clear that thought went […]

Rihanna and her billionaire boyfriend found love three years ago — and lost it this past week when they confirmed their romance is over. RiRi started dating Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel back in 2017, and the pair was seen canoodling all around the world. Late last year, the superstar told Interview magazine “of course” she was in love with Jameel, but when […]

DaBaby says people have it twisted when it comes to a story of his recent assault on a hotel worker. The North Carolina rapper is accused of beating up an employee at an AC Hotel by Marriott in Beverly Hills last month. DaBaby says the man claiming to be a victim was really the instigator. DaBaby […]

People have predicted that the next celebrity split will be Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. They’re nominated for a Grammy in the Best Pop Duo category. Meaning, in less than a week, we ought to see if Shawn and Camila are still together on the red carpet — or if the gossip is true. The prediction is based on a […]

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